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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Clean Shopping (Part 1) :: Costco


Are you asking yourself where to buy clean food?  Well, most of your regular grocery stores carry just have to know what to look for and where to look for it!  Hopefully, this will give you some ideas of what we buy and where we buy it!

We buy most of our clean food at Costco & Publix.  We also utilize Amazon's Subscribe & Save service for items that are not commonly carried in grocery stores.  When we are near Whole Foods or Trader Joes we take advantage & stock up, especially on the bulk dry goods like steel cut oats, brown rice, beans, lentils, and nuts!

This week we will share with you what we purchase at Costco.  We have included prices but remember that prices and availability vary by region.


Organic Spinach $4.29 (1 lb)
Red Bell Peppers $5.79 (6 count)
Broccoli $4.79 (3 lbs)
Celery $3.89 (4 count)
Kirkland Nonfat Greek Yogurt $6.99 (2/32 oz) OR Fage Nonfat Greek Yogurt $4.99 (2.2 lb)
Eggs $3.69 (2/1.5 dz) OR if you have room in your refrigerator you can purchase 7.5 dz for $8.49
Organic Cage Free Eggs $6.99 (2 dz) 
Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $2.99 per lb
Organic Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts 5.99 per lb

Natural Peanut Butter $9.99 (2/40 oz)
Almond Butter $5.99 (26 oz)
Walnuts $14.99 (48 oz)
Almonds $9.89 (48 oz)
Organic Brown Rice $9.59 (6 lb)
Organic Quinoa $9.69 (4 lb)

Organic Diced Tomatoes $7.69 (8/14.5 oz)
Organic Salsa $7.49 (2/38 oz)
All Natural Chicken Broth $8.39 (12/14 oz)
Organic Gold Flax $7.99 (48 oz)
Quaker Old Fashioned Oats
Sweet Potatoes

Black Pepper $5.39 (12.7 oz)
Granulated California Garlic (Powder) $4.49 (18 oz)
Sea Salt $2.79 (30 oz)
Cinnamon $2.65 (10.7 oz)
Oregano $3.99 (2.5 oz)

Click the links below for more of our shopping lists!

Remember to Wash, Chop & Divide all of your veggies for the week as soon as you get home from the store!  Trust me, it will make it much easier for you to get your veggies in!  :-)

This is normal, right?  ;-)  We took advantage of the chicken sale at Costco and stocked up!

Below is a picture of what we call our "supply/bulk closet".  We actually purchased the shelving unit for our garage but then we decided that we needed it inside to better organize our clean eating supplies!  This way when we buy in bulk we have a place to put the extra items and free up room in our pantry.  Also, when any clean items go on sale (which is rare) we stock up!

Looking to save a few bucks while eating healthy?  We are here to help!

Remember, this is a lifestyle and not a diet.

Good luck with your journey and keep eating clean!

- Scott & Whitney


  1. I love your website! My husband and I have been married for 12 years and we've considered eating clean and have bought the books and I've tried some recipes. We've had a hard time committing however. My husband's a firefighter and they always cook yummy, but not-clean meals at the station, which makes it difficult for him. I have 3 children all under 5, which presents challenges sometimes too. Hopefully, your blog will continue to inspire and encourage us to make better food choices!

    1. It's totally hard when you eat away from your home but I can assure you that it can be done! How inspirational would it be for your hubby to encourage his firefighter friends to make clean recipes? I would suggest buying Tosca Reno's Clean Eating Book (maybe the one for men) and gifting it to the firestation!

      My hubby travels 44 weeks out of the year and it's a stretch to eat clean, but I promise you, where there's a will, there's a way! Keep it up! We are rooting or you!

  2. Why do you buy 2 different kinds of chicken? Organic and non-organic??

    1. Hi Kim - It really just depends on what we are using it for. We still have to work within a budget. :-)

  3. What are your thoughts on wheat? I'm reading alot about the need to follow wheatfree diets. Thoughts?

    1. Personally, it's a very complicated issue and, while both sides tend to offer very good arguments, I have noticed a difference in digestion and energy when I elimated gluten. I will allow myself to have some wheat products every once and a while, but I try to keep gluten very limited (maybe once or twice a week). When I'm really trying to build muscle and need the extra calories, wheat is an affordable source of complex carbohydrates. Unless you're trying to bulk, I'd cut it out completely.

      Also, it is proven to be inflammatory, which is the source of many modern day health complications, so those are the reasons I avoid it.

      I think we will learn more about the harmful effects of wheat in the near future with greater focus now being placed on it.

    2. I like most of the information you are posting here, but I have to strongly disagree with you on wheat and the statements you are making here. If you are giving advise as a doctor, nutritionist or dietician would, I would strongly recommend backing that up with facts, and your credentials for doing so. The research that has been done about gluten intolerances and allergies have been largely disproven. somewhere along the way, gluten became "out of fashion" with little to no cause. I will definitely agree that there are lots of people that have intolerances to gluten (i.e. digestive disruptions - which it sounds like you have) all the way to allergies (Hashimoto Disesase) to full on dangerous allergies (Celiac disease). I would caution you on the statement "I think we will learn more about the harmful effects of wheat in the near future with greater focus now being placed on it," because you are misleading based on opinion, conjecture and fallacy. I believe you have a lot of people that really look up to you and trust the things you have to say and these kinds of statements are misguided and incorrect in cases, to people who don't know any better. I am not trying to be disrespectful, because I am seeking your expertise on your experience as a devout clean eater, and trying to adopt the lifestyle myself. I just get really nervous when blanket statements are made about a scientific topic that many people think they understand completely.

    3. Thanks for your feedback.

      This individual simply asked a question and that question was "what are your thoughts on wheat?".

      They wanted to know what my personal thoughts were on wheat...they did not ask for medical advice. I shared my thoughts on gluten - I stated that I have noticed a difference in digestion and energy. I did not make any blanket statements based on the notion that I completely understand a topic, which is precisely why I said that I think we will learn more about the harmful effects of gluten...not that I know gluten is harmful. My final argument on the consumption of gluten is this - if a component of one's diet is filled with potential risks that are not completely understood (by the scientific and medical communities) and restricting that component from one's diet would not create any deficiencies, as its associated macro- and micronutrients can be consumed from other sources, then there is no harm in restricting that component (i.e. gluten).

      Thus, I did not say anything that would be harmful to anyone's health...your argument implies that my personal view on the impacts of gluten would do harm to our readers. So, again, if one were to cut gluten out of their diet, you're now nervous for that person's health and well being? You shouldn't be nervous about the removal of gluten.

      Also, you tell me to back up my personal opinions with facts and credentials yet you fail to back up your argument with facts and credentials on arguments like, "The research that has been done about gluten intolerances and allergies have been largely disproven". Where are these research studies you cite? My only argument needing substantiation was that gluten is's a study that was published last month -

      If you are going to argue that it is not inflammatory then how do you explain that the removal of gluten led to improvement in the overexpression of PPAR-gamma?

      If you disagree with anything we have said, please do not post public comments on our blog that will lead to even greater confusion on the topic. We would be more than willing to have an intellectual discussion with you via email.

      Finally, I would advise anyone reading this to do your own research on the medical studies involving gluten in order to determine whether or not your want to restrict it from your diet. PubMed is a good starting point, not Google or Wikipedia.

    4. Well said Scott! To the angry reader above and your comment that "The research that has been done about gluten intolerances and allergies have been largely disproven": I would really love to see where you got this information? I actually think that wheat allergies (i.e. Celiac disease) are pretty real and that intolerance just means your body doesn't handle it well, so if it makes you sick and your body doesn't process it, it's sort of hard to argue. I think you might be annoyed at all the bandwagon GF folks out there, and to each their own, but it doesn't discount those who actually do react to it. And even if there are people out there who are just cutting it out of their diet to do it, why do you care? You don't have to do the same thing, so it really shouldn't matter to you.

      If someone feels better after cutting it out, then that's really all that matters, regardless of what study says what. The body is smart and it will let you know what it likes and doesn't like. Just my two cents!

  4. Do you have a wheatfree bread recipe?

  5. Rice Flour Bread
    (for bread machine) gluten-free, egg-free, dairy-free

    Rice Bread

    1 cup water
    1/3 cup milk (I use plain rice milk)
    2 eggs (I use 3 tsp egg replacer mixed with 4 TB water)
    1 tsp apple cider vinegar
    4 TB oil
    2 TB sugar
    1 tsp salt
    1 1/2 cup white rice flour
    2/3 cup brown rice flour
    1 1/2 tsp xanthan gum (you can also use guar gum instead)
    2 tsp quick rise yeast

    Rice flour is a little finicky, so it’s important that you place all of the ingredients in the exact order that is listed in the bread machine pan. Then when you put in the flour, try to spread it around so that it covers all of the liquids underneath. I have no idea why this makes a difference, but it does. Then start the bread machine on the “grain setting”. It cooks it a little longer than the regular setting.

    Keep the bread in a plastic bag and refrigerate after about a day, then slice and freeze after about 3 or 4 days (it can last for a long time in the freezer).

  6. Hi, I'm just checking out your site for the first time today. Have you two ever calculated about how much per month you spend on groceries? Just curious.

    1. Yes, we have calculated how much we spend on groceries per month and it is a large part of our career is in finance and we are very aware of our personal finances. We have reduced our spending in other unnecessary categories so that we are able to live a healthier lifestyle. Our spending is higher than most families as our dietary requirements are higher than the average because of how much time we spend in the gym (I eat around 3,800 cal/day and TONS of protein). We also like to try out new foods and recipes to help our visitors find something that they may like.

      We see it as an investment in our health that will pay off in the long run...I haven't been sick once (not even a cold) since I cleaned up my diet.

  7. Question, I see you buy some of your veggies at Costco. Are those organic? I currently have a Sam's membership and I've never seen fresh organic veggies there (except spinach)...Thinking about switching over if Costco offers a more organic selection.

    1. Costco DOES have some variety of organic produce. Not everything is, but they do have several items that are. (Apples, potatoes, salad - spinach or mixed greens, berries, etc.)

  8. I am SO glad I found your website! Thank you for sharing your lifestyle =) I convinced my boyfriend to eat clean and we purchased everything last night-started today. It is a little more expensive (worth it!) so I was wondering about Costco since we could get more for money... This info is great!

    Thanks again!

    1. Thanks for following us Tia! Good luck on your journey!

  9. Your blog is VERY inspiring !!! I have been wanting to go clean for a very long time but have not had the motivation. I would like my husband to read your blog.....hopefully it will give him AND I the push we need !!! Thank you


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