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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

She Sweats :: SkyRobics at Sky Zone Atlanta

The Crew at Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline Park in Atlanta, GA for SkyRobics

Ever wish you could go back to your childhood? That's just what I did with a few of my friends yesterday morning at Sky Zone in Atlanta (Duluth) at their SkyRobics class. At this HUGE indoor trampoline park, we jumped up and down, across the trampolines and even on the wall - all while burning calories and sweating!

We arrived for the 10am class on Monday full of nervous energy and grade-school giggles. (I had been telling people all weekend how much fun it was going to be to "bounce off the walls" - which you really can do!) After signing a waiver form and paying for the class (the first class is half price - $4.50, normally $9) we were issued our special Sky Zone hightops for jumping. We quickly changed into our new kicks, visited the restroom just in case the bouncing would cause an issue (wink, wink!) and started familiarizing ourselves with our childhood and jumping on a trampoline.

The class was challenging due to the variance in workout and ultimately incredibly fun. Toning, cardio and abdominal exercises were all included. Sky Zone advertise that you can burn upwards of 1000 in an hour session - I didn't burn that many, but I burned A LOT! According to my heart rate monitor, I burned 600 calories during the 1 hour session, while my friend's heart rate monitor had her at 640 calories burned (depends on your fitness level, weight and body composition). Not too shabby for an hour of pure fun, giggles and NO pounding on our joints!

Can't wait to hit it up again!

Here are a few tips:
1. Have a great attitude - don't be afraid to make a fool out of yourself and leave your inhibitions at the door.
2. Bring water.
3. Wear higher socks - I was the lucky recipient of a nice blister on the back of my ankle from the hightop tennies that were provided.

A little about Sky Zone:
Sky Zone Indoor Trampoline parks are located throughout the US in 13 different markets, including Atlanta, Boston, Buffalo, Houston, Las Vegas, Minneapolis, Orlando, Sacramento, St. Paul, and more. Sky Zone is a popular place for birthday parties, corporate events, fitness and their 3-D Adult (yes, I said adult) Dodgeball leagues.

Have you been to a Sky Zone? What did you find most challenging or fun?



  1. This may qualify as TMI - but if you've had a few babies, go potty before you jump. Just sayin'

    1. Even if you aren't a mom, I would recommend that ;)

    2. 2 words: panty liners.....


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