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Friday, December 23, 2011

Introducing Our Newest Contributors.... Scott and Whitney (He and She too)!

Jim and I are delighted to have another couple to share the journey and message of the Clean Eating lifestyle with us and with you! Scott and Whitney Carlson will start blogging in January (Although you may get a surprise post from one of them in late December!) Here is a little background:

He and She are husband and wife of 4 years.  He started eating clean and working out 2.5 years ago when he realized that truly fit lifestyle requires a strict combination of both clean eating and focused exercising.  She did not jump on board until 2 years after He started and since then there has been no looking back for either one!
His name is Scott.  He is 28.  He grew up in a small suburb of Atlanta (which has now grown!) and has since moved to another small town in Georgia. He is the Director of Finance for the American Junior Golf Association.  He grew up eating the exact opposite foods one would consider to be healthy – ONLY red meat, very little veggies, junk food snacks, and overly processed foods.  Food was based on convenience rather than nutritional value and he didn’t know the nutritional difference between fried chicken versus grilled chicken until about two years ago.  He may travel one or two weeks out of the year, so clean eating is not much of a challenge in the confines of an office.  His hobbies are sports, backpacking, weight lifting (at least 4 days per week), mountain biking, and investing.  He restricts His diet to mostly organic, clean, whole foods and enjoys learning as much as he can about the clean eating lifestyle.  He hopes he can inspire others to learn about clean eating and the perils of processed and genetically-modified foods by sharing his experiences and advice.
Her name is Whitney.  She is 26.  She is the cousin of Jim (the “other” He).  She grew up on a family farm in the same small town as Him and currently resides along side Him.  She spent her childhood helping on the farm and learned the value of hard work early.  She grew up eating whatever was fixed for her.  There are pictures of Whitney walking around drinking Coke out of a baby bottle!  (Thanks Mom!)  She graduated from NGCSU with a degree in Finance.  She is currently an estimator for an insurance company which means she spends the entire day in a car!  This also means all of her meals are eaten cold!  She dreams of becoming a nutritionist and personal trainer or maybe even a life coach!  She loves all things related to finance, politics, clean eating, and working out!  From the hobbies just listed, you can tell that she did not have many real hobbies before starting to work out which is one of the main reasons why she started (so she could have something to call a “hobby”).  That “hobby” has now become an obsession along with clean eating.  She truly wants everyone she knows and loves to eat clean so they can live long, healthy lives!
We are so excited to have Scott and Whitney on board and cannot wait to share our experiences, recipes and tips with you in the coming year. 2012 will be amazing!

Have a Merry Christmas!


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