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Thursday, October 27, 2011

Real Perspective on Halloween Candy : Why "Fun Size" Really Isn't so Much Fun!


Did you know that according to the article, Candynomics, the average US family buys over $44 dollars of Halloween Candy each year? Halloween candy accounts for nearly 25% of candy makers yearly gross sales! It is also estimated that a staggering 41 million children will be trick-or-treating on October 31st. Will you be there with them?

Here is some thing to consider before you decide to reach into your child's pail of candy:

The average American eats a whopping 24.7 pounds of candy each year ALONE! Just think about the calories, fat and sugar!

Let's do the math:
There are approximately 20 "Fun Size" packs of M&M (T) candy per pound.
If all the average American ate was 24.7 pounds of "Fun Size" M&M(T)'s per year, that would be 494 packs.
There are approximately 70 calories in each bag. 494 "Fun Size" M&M(T)'s  at 70 calories each = 34,580 total calories digested. (With a pound of body weight  = 3500 calories, that's an extra 10lbs per year we pack on!)
Total sugars? 9g x 494 = 4446 grams of sugar!
Congratulations America! You just ingested an extra 1071 cubes of sugar in one year alone!

Approximately 20 million pounds of Candy Corn are sold in the US each year! Wondering how much sugar that is?

Again, let's do the math:
There are approximately 294 pieces of candy corn in a pound. Multiplied by 20 million, that is 5,880,000,000 individual pieces of candy corn. Yikes!
With 5.76 calories in each piece, multiplied by 5,880,000,000 pieces, that is 33,923,076,923 calories in all of the candy corn sold in the US each year!
How much sugar is that? Well, there are 1.07g in each piece! That is 36,997,692,307g of sugar in all!
In terms of sugar cubes..... da dump da dum... 8,704,482,567.

Our suggestion: Let your kids have fun, but be mindful of how much they intake.  For you, you know when to quit.  It's best to refrain from the candy and eat an apple or frozen grapes, but it's not always easy.

Good Luck! And have fun trick or treating!


  1. LOVE me some candy corn! Most every fall season I consume a LOT of it. I justify it by saying I only have it once a year. However, I am going to try and refrain from having any more of the 12 pieces I've had so far ;) It was sitting in front of me so it was hard. Hopefully I wont have the temptation again but if I do I will remind myself of everything I've ready and the reasons for not eating it!

    1. Elizabeth - Cravings can be so hard! Try not to buy it at all - it be be easier if it's harder to get!


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