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Sunday, October 30, 2011

He and She Explores :: Apple Picking in North Georgia and Ellijay

Nothing says fall like some fresh off the tree, crisp apples!  Even better, apples baking in your oven topped with just the right amount of cinnamon and vanilla!  Yummy!

A few weekends ago, we ventured north from Atlanta to the North Georgia town of Ellijay.  It just so happened that the Georgia Apple Festival was taking place on the same weekend that we were there.  Although we didn't get to slide down any large slides or take part in any apple-bobbing contests, we did score so great deals on delicious apples and sweet potatoes (my personal favorite!).

Our first stop... the Red Apple Barn. With better prices than others we have been to, the Red Apple Barn is hard to beat for their hospitality and selection. All apples are pre measured for you - you simply pick up the peck or bushel you would like and take it to the cashier. They have about 12-15 different varieties of apples and be sure to taste them before you buy them - what you see on the outside may taste entirely different on the inside. The actual store at the Red Apple Barn in Ellijay, GA is smaller than most, however, they do offer apple picking tours for the family at just $5 per person.

Our last stop... Hillcrest Orchards.  If you are looking to have the "tourist" experience and spend the day, Hillcrest Orchards is your #1 stop. A true family stop, Hillcrest Orchards offers tours, an opportunity to pick your own apples, a petting zoo, a playground with a giant slide and a bakery and ice cream parlour (yes, I know that is not clean!) to fuel even the pickiest of eaters. With loads of apple selections picked daily, their apples are as fresh as they are tasty.  A few more dollars per bag than the Red Apple Barn, Hillcrest allows you the opportunity to mix and match your apple varieties and get as many or as few of your favorites. Beware of their lines though - don't stop here if you are in a hurry!

Stay tuned for some great apple recipes you will have to try to make your house smell Fall Fresh!

Happy Pickin'!


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