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Monday, August 24, 2015

Strawberry Cucumber Flavored Water

Strawberry Cucumber Flavored Water

One of Scott's co-workers has been giving us cucumbers from her garden so I made our Cucumber Zings but still had a lot leftover! We normally don't make flavored waters because it's just extra ingredients to purchase (we're frugal, remember?) but we had organic frozen strawberries (that we buy at Costco) and these cucumbers to use so we decided to flavor our water. It turned out awesome and I bet this helps you drink more water!


1 gallon of water
6-8 large frozen organic strawberries
1-2 cucumbers, sliced

1. Add strawberries and cucumbers to a large pitcher.
2. Pour water on top and place in refrigerator.

Strawberry Cucumber Flavored Water

He and She Tip: We use the same cucumbers and strawberries for a few days (refilling the water) before we throw them out.

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Sunday, August 23, 2015

** NEW WORKOUT PLANS ** She RUNS Half Marathon and Marathon Training Plans

Runners Rejoice! We are releasing TWO new training plans: She RUNS Half Marathon Training Plan and She RUNS Marathon Training Plan.

You may be thinking...well, you already have a runner plan. Yes, our She Sweats 12-Week Run Builder is a very popular plan but it is geared more towards those not training for a particular race but instead just trying to become a stronger runner. Our new plans, the She RUNS Half Marathon Training Plan and the She RUNS Marathon Training Plan, are for those who are training for a race!

As you may know, Scott and I are not long distance runners (we are definitely long distance hikers but that's for another post...) so you might be wondering why we would be releasing plans like these. Well, we've teamed up with Pam from Moms RUN This Town again! Pam started Moms RUN This Town in 2010 and it is now a huge FREE running club for women (no, you don't have to be a mom!). She has changed countless lives and is always being asked for running plans. After completing our She Sweats 12-Week  Transformation (see her transformation here) she realized the important of weight training to runners. That's where we came together (we actually worked together in high school)! Pam has ran 7 full marathons and countless half marathons. (Side Note: She always finishes with a smile on her face somehow! We are hoping these plans do that for you too!).

See what I mean?!?!

Now, onto the plans...

These plans aim to make you a more well rounded runner and get you thinking of building the rest of your body to support your running! We combine strength training, balance exercises, stretching, and RUNNING!

We didn't want this plan to be like the others, we put a lot of thought into what people hate about training and what people wish they did during training to create this plan! We will take you up to the full distance BEFORE the big day - but we do it in a completely unconventional way that will show you that you CAN do it while at the same time using the theory of keeping your legs in motion after you complete a long distance. The strength and balance portions can be done AT HOME with 1-2 sets of weights (more if you want them!). You will have two short runs followed by a long run each week. Plus, all of our "extras" will prepare your body for a strong finish on race day!

We have included a ton of training tips and suggestions, a half/marathon packing list, a list of things to do when/if you experience the dreaded "Taper Madness", and even some tips on what to eat before and after your training.  

If you are training for your first marathon or half, or you've done them in the past - this new training plan will hopefully be a new favorite!  You can amp it up as your fitness allows so it's really functional for all fitness levels!

She RUNS Half Marathon Training Plan
12-Week Training Plan

Buy Now!

She RUNS This Marathon Training Plan
16-Week Training Plan (plus 2 "pre-start" weeks, if needed)

Buy Now!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

4 Signs You Would Make A Good Personal Trainer

I know many of you have thought about becoming a personal trainer because you have reached out to me about it! I’m teaming up with ACE to let you know how awesome of a career this can be. I became a certified personal trainer in the spring of 2013 and I have loved it every step of the way but how do you know that being a personal trainer is the right career path for you? Well, besides the obvious things people think of when hearing “personal trainer” (knowing proper form and developing workout plans) below are four signs that might help you determine if you would make a good personal trainer!

4 Signs You Would Make A Good Personal Trainer

1. You love helping others

A lot of responsibility comes with being a personal trainer. Although the actual physical work is up to the client, you must enter the relationship wanting to help them reach their goals. You only see them for a short period of time a few days a week so you have to make that time really count! You need to develop a relationship so you learn what really drives them in order to fully help them realize what they are capable of doing.

2. You love learning about and experimenting with new techniques and tools

Continuing education is an important aspect of being a personal trainer. You should want to learn about all of the new science, workouts, tools, etc not because it is required but because it interests you. You may have to experiment with what works for you and your clients, and not everything will be a good fit, but you should always know what else is out there. It’s important to be familiar with different styles of training because you may need to use a different style of training depending on your client’s background and goals.

3. You live a healthy lifestyle yourself

If you want your clients to adopt healthy lifestyle changes then you should be setting that example. I’m not saying that you have to be super lean, shredded, out lift everyone in the gym, or run a six minute mile but you should live a healthy lifestyle. Most people don’t want a “perfect” trainer, they want someone they can relate to so if you are still on your own journey that is okay!

4. You are a great motivator and encourager

Some people might hire a trainer to prepare for a certain event (wedding, photo shoot, competition, etc.) but many people hire a trainer to learn their way around the gym and also to motivate and encourage them. Most people just need accountability to even show up. Also keep in mind that you might be the only positive influence someone has contact with all day if their friends and/or family are not supportive of them. Lead them and also let them know that you are there for them and, again, set that healthy example!

Shaking your head yes?!

If you are still reading you probably were shaking your head to all of the above because they describe you. That’s great because the demand for personal trainers is very high. It is expected that the employment for personal trainers will increase 13% between 2012 and 2022. Get this - I was shocked to learn that $52,537 was the full-time personal trainer average salary in 2013! Getting paid for doing something that you love and that truly changes lives is a win-win situation. Many of the trainers in the gym that I attend are part-time so you can still have your full-time job and use personal training as a way to make extra money on the side while helping people!

I am a certified personal trainer and I have trained in a small studio setting but most of my training is done online. There are so many different routes you can take with personal training; train clients one-on-one, in small groups, and/or online. Please note that laws governing what you can do will vary by state. The beauty of being a personal trainer is in the overall flexibility of days, hours, clients, etc.

Being a personal trainer is a very rewarding career. There’s nothing better than helping someone reach their goals and accomplish something they never thought possible. As with any career, you will want to do your research to really determine if this is the right fit for you. ACE has created an amazing ACE Personal Trainer Career Guide that talks about many of the statistics mentioned in this article and also different avenues you can take with your certificate.

Ready to read more about the actual certification? You can do that here: ACE Personal Trainer Certification

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of American Council on Exercise. The opinions and text are all mine.

Monday, August 17, 2015

Breaking Through Negative Body Image

Yesterday I posted about my "body image transformation" {and also shared a few 10 second transformation pictures}. I'm not a doctor or counselor...nor do I claim to be but I do want to share what worked for me with the hope that it helps at least one person. I would love to see women all over learn to love themselves first - where they are - while continuing to improve in whatever aspect they are working on!

I'll say this again (I mentioned it in my "How I Achieved My Dream Body" post)...

It doesn't matter what is or isn't on your plate or what is or isn't in your training routine. It's what is in your mind that matters most.


1. Stop Browsing Social Media for Motivation and/or Inspiration

I know it sounds weird coming from me as most of you probably found this website through social media (and you can still continue to follow us since we are positive ;-)). I'm glad you did find us but there are so many out there now that only focus on looks (with a million selfies) or post things that are not attainable for most people (whether it is stick meal plans and/or "perfect" body parts). Although I would have considered myself a strong person, the comparison on social media sucked me in so I quit browsing social media. Hard? Yes but SO worth it. I obviously still post on our accounts but then I log off. I also cleaned out my Instagram quite a few months ago. I did fine motivating myself for years without "fitspo" so I decided that I would become my own motivation again. Browsing social media (Instagram especially) only made me feel worse (except for those few fitness accounts that I still follow).

Right now you might think that you are on social media for motivation but have you met your goals? How does it really motivate you? Do you spend more time browsing for inspiration than you do actually working on yourself? Become your own motivation.

2. Think and Talk Positively

I covered this in my post on Building Up Your Confidence with Positive Thinking but it's also very important in the context of body image. If you are constantly thinking and/or speaking to yourself negatively you will only believe that negative talk. Once you change the way to talk to YOURSELF your entire life will start to change. It's true - your body hears everything your mind says so stay positive!

3. Develop Healthy Habits to Replace Unhealthy Habits

It's hard to develop good habits but it seems so easy to develop bad habits. Right? When you are trying to live a healthy lifestyle you develop new habits that replace your old habits. Now instead of ordering nachos with cheese, meat, and a load of other toppings maybe you order tacos or a burrito bowl with healthier toppings. The same habit changing techniques need to happen in order to combat the "bad" body image habits that have developed. For example, if I feel the urge to scroll through Instagram (I just use it as an example because that's the main one that affects me but maybe for you it's Facebook), I start reading a book. It becomes a habit. If I have time to scroll through Instagram than I have time to educate myself on another topic. Find a habit that will make you a better person and start doing that as soon as you find yourself doing something that negatively effects you.

Below are some ideas:
- Go for a walk
- Paint your nails
- Read a book
- Take a bath
- Cook something {healthy}

4. Focus on What Your Body Can DO Instead of What it LOOKS Like

Can you do a "real" push-up? Can you run a mile? Maybe you can play a game with your kids without getting out of breath. This will be different for everyone but if you can do things that you've never done before that means that you are improving and moving in the right direction. Focus on these achievements instead of critiquing yourself in the mirror. I quit looking at myself in the mirror and critiquing everything about me. I quit beating myself up for no reason. I went weeks without taking a "progress picture" or trying to gauge my progress in the mirror and the next time that I did look at myself in the mirror I was truly shocked at how much I had changed and it was all because I changed my mindset (more on that here). Stop gauging your progress on looks and focus on how you feel and what you can do.

5. Try a Relaxing Gym Class and/or Go Outside

Weight lifting is my absolute favorite thing to do. I love the way it changes and challenges my body and I don't get bored. However, when I decided to "snap" out of this trap I was in I started incorporating other forms of training by taking a few yoga/Pilates classes each week. If your gym doesn't offer these classes there are a lot of yoga resources online and also yoga DVDs available. Yoga didn't replace my weight lifting but it serves as almost a "rest" for me and my mind. Trying something different, even if it's just a few times, is almost always a good idea!

Another one of my favorite activities is to go hiking - preferably where my phone doesn't even work. It serves as a mind clearing time and some of my best ideas occur during our hiking trips (which you can read more about here). Spending time outside, even if it's just sitting or a walk around your neighborhood, is time well spent! Try it!

If you are struggling with negative body image please try these tips. They helped me immensely and I feel like a completely different person. Depending on the severity, you may also want to consider seeing a therapist/counselor. I know that for the short time that I was struggling, these negative comparison thoughts basically consumed my mind and it was awful. Good luck to all of you currently struggling. You are so much stronger than you think!

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Sunday, August 16, 2015

Body Image :: 10 Second Body Transformation

The pictures above show my real "body transformation" (not a 10 second body transformation) once I decided that I was no longer going to compare myself to other people or even waste time on social media. Believe me, I have plenty of other stuff to do (I am building a new website {sneak peek here} and we have some BIG news coming up about this one!) so I have very little time to waste yet social media was sucking me in. I decided after I posted my body image post that I was serious about getting back to my "I don't care what anyone else is doing or what anyone else thinks of me" attitude I've had my whole life. All it took for me to change was that decision. I won't say it has been easy but life is so much better!

I know there is NOTHING wrong with the picture of me on the left but I was not in a good place mentally. I wanted to show what happens physically when your mind is in the right place. Although there isn't a huge difference in the pictures (you can tell by how my pants fit in the right pic), I feel 100 times better mentally and physically. [The pictures were taken less than one month apart.]

I almost didn't post the picture below on this blog (I did post it on Instagram) but I think it's important in the context of the next set of pictures. Before I go there you might wonder what I did to get back on track so quickly...I will go into the exact steps in another post soon but along with the fact that I quit comparing myself to others I also started eating more {healthy food - yes, even more carbs} and I also started working out less. You heard that right. I started eating more and working out less. I honestly started feeling like I did in the beginning when I would wake up and surprise myself at how positive I was and what my body could DO.

10 Second Body Transformation

The pictures below are also "transformation" pictures. These are a little different though. I wanted you to see how some people can manipulate transformation pictures. We all get so caught up in this online world that sometimes we confuse it for the real world and take everything as the truth.

The pictures below were taken within seconds of each other. All I did was push my stomach out in the "before" pictures. I didn't use filters but keep in mind that some people do edit them by using filters and/or photoshop so the difference appears to be even more drastic.

I also came across this one below on my phone (that was taken on June 15) that I never posted! I did filter the top right photo so you can see the difference. I completely understand (and agree) that some people just have really bad posture or bloating in their "before" pictures but you can usually pick out the ones that are real vs the ones that are not.

This should also convince you to not compare yourself to others because those selfies you see usually take some time to get the right one with the right lighting, standing correctly, etc. Bottom line: Just concentrate on you!

I wanted to share these pictures so that you know that it IS possible to take back control of your own thoughts and transform your life in more ways than you can possibly imagine. I say that I had a short - but intense - battle with body image. I am so glad that I finally did hit publish on that original post because without the comments, support, and encouragement I might still be in that never-ending trap!

Monday, August 10, 2015

4 Overnight Oat Recipes {Perfect for Food Prep}

4 Overnight Oat Recipes {Perfect For Food Prep}

Do you have a busy week? We get it! Sometimes it's difficult to make time to prep your food for the week all in one day. Take some of the stress out of it by preparing your breakfast in advance. These four recipes are very easy to make and cook overnight (or during the day) in the crock pot! They will make your house smell great and they taste amazing! Start your day off right with a healthy breakfast! Just pair these with a protein source (eggs, Greek yogurt, protein shake, etc) and get your day started!

Apple Cinnamon Steel Cut Oats

Overnight Peaches and Cream Steel Cut Oats

Cranberry Apple Steel Cut Oats

Pumpkin Overnight Oats